By submitting your entry to Golf Manitoba the applicant/participant is aware of and assumes all risks of bodily injury or property damage, including specifically (but not exclusively) the risk of being injured by thrown or struck golf balls or clubs, actions by spectators, players, caddies, or others in attendance, and the competitor agrees that Golf Manitoba, including its Directors, Officers, and employees, as well as the competitors in the tournament, are not liable for any injuries or property damage resulting from such causes or any other negligence.

I have read and understand the terms and conditions of entry and all policies as set out on the Golf Manitoba website below and will abide by them. I also agree that all entries are subject to approval by Golf Manitoba.

Entry Policies & Regulations


All information for specific tournaments, such as information regarding pairings and starting times will be available on the Golf Manitoba web site approximately 3 – 5 days before the tournament commences. Email of pairings and starting times will be sent to players who have supplied valid information.

It is the competitor’s sole responsibility to determine their starting time. If the player arrives at their starting point, ready to play, within five minutes after their starting time, in the absence of circumstances that warrant waiving the penalty of disqualification as provided in Rule 33 – 7, the penalty for failure to start on time is loss of the first hole to be played in match play or two strokes in stroke play. Penalty for lateness beyond five minutes is disqualification. No exceptions.


All Golf Manitoba tournaments are conducted using the Standard Local Rules, Conditions of the Competition and Notice to Competitors adopted by Golf Manitoba. These documents are available on the Golf Manitoba web site, at the Golf Manitoba office and copies are available to all players at the tournament starting table.


All competitors must be a member of a recognized provincial, state or national golf association.

RESIDENCY Only those players who are members of a Golf Manitoba Member Club, and who have been in permanent residence in the Golf Manitoba jurisdiction area for at least six months are eligible to represent Manitoba on a Provincial Team at a National Championship or to take a Golf Manitoba quota spot.


It is the player’s responsibility to ensure entries arrive in the Golf Manitoba office by the entry deadline date.  Please check the Golf Manitoba web site to ensure your entry has been received. Golf Manitoba does not assume responsibility for lost entries.

Players that register on – line for any event will be charged a reduced entry fee.  Entries not made on – line will be charged the standard entry fee.

Payment in full must accompany the registration. Cheques are to be made payable to: “Golf Manitoba”, and mailed to the Association at: 145 Pacific Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 2Z6.  NSF cheques are subject to a $20.00 charge plus any financial institution charge.


Any player who fails to notify Golf Manitoba with a valid reason for withdrawing prior to commencement of the event, or who withdraws during play without valid reason, or who fails to appear for a subsequent round of an event, may be suspended from competing in any Golf Manitoba events for the balance of the current season, as well as for the next season. Should a competitor be forced to withdraw from an event, he/she must inform a Golf Manitoba Official at the earliest possible opportunity or contact Lisa Andersen, Director of Competitions at 204.291.8030 or lisa@golfmb.ca.

If a player is entered for an event and does not arrive for their designated tee time, or if a player picks up his/her ball and leaves the golf course prior to completing play without notifying a Golf Manitoba official, they will receive a letter from the Association requesting an explanation. The player will be warned that a suspension could occur if similar action is repeated at a future event or if they fail to respond to the request. If a player does not respond to the request for an explanation, they will be suspended from competing in Golf Manitoba events for the balance of the current season and the entire next season.


Entry fees will not be refunded after the entry closing date. Tournament entry fees, less a $20.00 service charge, will be refunded when Golf Manitoba is notified by phone or email prior to the entry deadline of the tournament. Refunds, less the service charge, will be given only for medical or compassionate reasons for a cancellation received after the tournament entry deadline. Such cancellations require written confirmation. No refund will be given for any reason once the tournament begins.


Play in all Golf Manitoba events will be governed by the Rules of Golf as approved for use in Canada by Golf Canada.


Tie Breaking – All ties in an Individual Championship for Overall place, team spots, quota spots or qualifying spots shall be decided by a sudden victory playoff.  All other ties shall be broken by a system of matching cards as outlined in the Rules of Golf, Section 5A(6) of Committee Procedures.


Each group will be accompanied by an official. If, in the sole judgment of the Tournament Committee, a sudden death playoff is not feasible on the last day of the event, or a day shortly after, an 18 hole playoff will be arranged. If that is not feasible, a system of Matching Scorecards will be used.


A penalty which may result in disqualification will be discussed by the Official with the Committee on site before being imposed.


Players may request a second opinion on a question of rules.  This will be provided as a courtesy by Golf Manitoba officials.  The second opinion will be final.

All questions will be settled by the Tournament Committee of Golf Manitoba.

Tournament Policies


Rule 5.6 requires that players must not unreasonably delay play.

For the purpose of preventing slow play, the Committee can set its own Pace of Play Policy (POP) adopted as a Local Rule.  Pace of play guidelines may contain a maximum period of time to complete a stipulated round, a hole, series of hole or a stroke.

In accordance with Rule 5.6, Golf Manitoba has adopted the following POP guidelines.

Allotted Time

Each group is allotted a specific amount of time to complete each of the 18 holes.  Holes #4, #9, #13 and #18 will be in accordance with the POP Time Chart for that competition.  A POP Time Chart will be established at each course for groups of two or three players. When a group falls behind, regardless of the reason, it must regain its position.  Time for ball searches, rulings, and walking time between holes is included in the allotted time.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Each group is responsible for monitoring its own pace.
  2. Players are not entitled to receive warnings before being issued a penalty as it is the responsibility of each player to know their position on the golf course.
  3. If your group falls behind, they are expected to play Ready Golf and get back into position. This means playing efficient golf and/or continuous putting. Both actions are allowable in stroke play.
  4. The group’s time will be verified via a time clock A hole is deemed completed when all players in the group have completed play of the hole and the flagstick has been replaced.  If the group is within the Allotted Time and less than 14 minutes behind the group in front, the group is not in breach of the pace of play policy.  A successful time means no action will be taken although the group may be advised if they are failing to keep up with the group ahead.

Definition of “Out of Position”

First Group: The first group to start will be considered out of position if, at any time during the round, they exceed the time allotted to finish any of the four (4) check-point holes, as detailed on the applicable course’s Pace of Play Time Chart.

Following Groups: A following group is out of position if it:

A.     takes more than the allotted time to finish a check-point hole and

B.     completes play of a check-point hole more than 14 minutes after the preceding group completed play of that hole.

Check-Points: Four (4) check-point holes will be designated throughout the course. Normally holes #4, #9, #13 and # 18 will be the designated check-point holes.  A check-point hole is deemed completed when all players in the group have completed play of the hole and the flagstick has been replaced.

Note: If a group or player incurs a penalty, penalties are to be applied to the check-point hole where the breach occurred.

Penalty Summary

When a group is out of position at any check-point, all the players in the group are subject to a 1 stroke penalty, pending final determination of whether a breach or breaches of these guidelines have occurred.  No warnings will be given.


Any group completing a checkpoint hole in breach of the POP regulation will be verbally notified by a Checkpoint Volunteer, Pace of Play volunteer, staff member or Referee.  Volunteers, Referees and/or Staff at checkpoints must not be confronted by a player or the group.  It is the player’s responsibility to recognize when a breach has occurred at each checkpoint.  The next two groups through a checkpoint will be notified that group was behind the POP.

Additional Pace of Play Notifications and Penalties:

NOTE 1       The Committee reserves the right, at any time, to monitor or time a group when it deems it necessary.

NOTE 2:      The Committee may monitor play and assess a 1 stroke penalty to any group/player who is not playing to an acceptable pace.

NOTE 3:      A Referee, with consultation of the Committee, observing a slow group/player as listed in Note 1, may assess a 2-stroke penalty for a subsequent infraction(s) and/or a disqualification penalty if there are multiple Pace of Play breaches by any group/player.




Automotive carts are permitted in all events except the Junior Bantam Championship, Junior Interclub Championship and the Junior Provincial Championship.

Use of Motorized Transportation by a Competitor or Caddie is subject to the following conditions: When using motorized transportation, the player or caddie must not:

1. Permit anyone else to drive the cart (other than moving it a very short distance to facilitate play)

2. Permit anyone else to ride in the cart

3. Are not permitted to travel with their motorized cart beyond the point on the course where their ball lies to gauge yardage or to seek the position of the hole.

Use of Motorized Transportation

1. Golf Manitoba has the right to limit motorized carts to 2 carts per pairing if they deem necessary

2. If a cart is shared by two players, the cart and everything in it are deemed to be the equipment of the player whose ball is involved except that, when the cart is being moved by one of the players sharing it, the cart and everything in it are deemed to be that player’s equipment.

A player in breach of any of the above conditions is subject to penalty as follows:

Match play – At the conclusion of the hole at which the breach is discovered, the state of the match is adjusted by deducting one hole for each hole at which a breach occurred; maximum deduction per round – two holes.

Stroke play – Two strokes for each hole at which any breach occurred; maximum penalty per round – Four strokes.

Match or stroke play – In the event of a breach between the play of two holes, the penalty applies to the next hole.

To increase the chance of availability, competitors are encouraged to make their own arrangements with the Host Club for pull carts or automotive carts PRIOR to the start of the event.



Penalty for breach of this rule may be DISQUALIFICATION.

Men’s Dress Code: Golf shirts with collars or golf shirts from a line of golf wear and tailored golf pants or shorts are acceptable.

Women’s Dress Code: Golf shirts with either a collar or sleeves and tailored golf shorts and skirts no shorter than approximately six inches above the knee are acceptable.

Golf Manitoba does not accept jeans, t – shirts, football or hockey jerseys, muscle shirts, tank tops, sweat pants (jogging suits) or warm – up suits as suitable attire.

Footwear: It is a condition of Golf Manitoba competitions that shoes with metal or traditionally designed spikes are prohibited.

The dress code will also apply to caddies where caddies are permitted.


In order for Golf Manitoba to organize and conduct quality events that are enjoyed by participants, spectators and volunteers, we require that all competitors in our events comply with our Code of Conduct.  The Code of Conduct outlines expectations of both the competitor and caddies.  They are, as follows:

Competitors will . . .

  • adhere to the Rules of Golf
  • complete all tournament rounds of golf unless proper procedure for withdrawing from the event is followed
  • respect all Golf Manitoba volunteers and staff, host club personnel and volunteers, spectators and Golf Manitoba, host club or personal property
  • abide by the Golf Manitoba dress code or Club dress code if more restrictive
  • displays of temper, abusive and profane language are unacceptable
  • consuming non – medicinal cannabis, illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages is prohibited
    not engage in any behaviour unbecoming of a Golf Manitoba competitor.

In addition, junior competitors will . . .

  • refrain from consuming cannabis, illegal drugs, vaping, tobacco or alcoholic products or gambling while on the golf course property the entire day(s) of a junior event, even if over the age of 18.

In the event a competitor or caddie displays behaviour unbecoming of a Golf Manitoba member, they are in violation of the Code of Conduct and subject to the following disciplinary actions:

  • First breach of the Code of Conduct:  verbal warning from referee or Director of Competitions or Committee sanction.
  • Second breach:  one stroke penalty
  • Third breach:  general penalty
  • Fourth breach OR any serious misconduct:  Disqualification

PLEASE NOTE: That a player will be suspended from any Golf Manitoba activities for a calendar year from the date of the infraction if they have been disqualified for serious misconduct.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to call our Director of Competitions at 291-8030.


In order for Golf Manitoba competitors to enjoy their Championship experience, the Association asks that all spectators assist us with the following:

  • help your junior learn the Rules of Golf including golf etiquette and respect for fellow competitors
  • respect all Golf Manitoba volunteers, staff, spectators and Golf Manitoba property
  • please remain a reasonable distance from all competitors during the course of play. Spectators will not be allowed on the fairways, tee boxes, greens and starting and scoring areas.
  • please refrain from giving advice, conversing or signaling in any way to a competitor
  • please respect the host club, their personnel and volunteers. As well, each club has their own dress code and cell phone policy, please familiarize yourself with it.


Golf Manitoba will take the following steps as recommended by Environment Canada when weather is a factor during a competitive event.

  • when inclement weather is potentially an issue at a Golf Manitoba event, all competitors will be provided with an information sheet outlining guidelines to be followed.
  • potential weather situations which may arise during golf play include:
    – lightning
    – heavy rain
    – extreme heat and humidity
  • the decision to blow the horn to postpone play will be made by the Committee which includes the Director of Competitions or staff member on site, the lead official and all other officials that are available. All officials are requested to communicate with Golf Manitoba staff on what they observe on the course
  • upon postponement of play, weather updates will be provided to all competitors on a regular basis based on the condition of the golf course as well as satellite images and weather forecasts
  • play may resume that day, the next day or the round may be cancelled. This decision will be made by the Committee.


  • when lightning becomes a factor in any Golf Manitoba Championship, play will be suspended. Suspension of play will be determined based on the following:
    – visible lightning in the area
    – 30/30 rule – if an official can count less than 30 seconds between the lightning and the thunder, the strike of lightning was less than 10 km away and there is a good chance the next strike will be closer.
  • lightning can strike ahead of the parent cloud and Golf Manitoba may need to take action even if a thunderstorm is not overhead
  • once 30 minutes or more have passed since the last sound of thunder it is safe to go outside. Resumption of play will be signaled by two short air horn notes.


  • play will be postponed when the golf course becomes unplayable. This decision will be made by the Committee and should include the head professional and golf course superintendent.


  • Golf Manitoba will advise players at the first tee when a high humidex rating is evident as well as provide recommended safety precautions
  • when possible, Golf Manitoba will also try to ensure that the host club has a beverage cart on the golf course and advise players of where water fountains are located

background information: – humidex is an index which combines effects of temperature and humidity on the human body – maximum in Winnipeg was 47 on July 25, 2007 (our mid – amateur and rural junior was being played) – a humidex advisory is issued when it reaches 40.


Golf Manitoba permits caddies in all championships except the Junior Bantam, Junior Provincial and Junior interclub.  Below are the expectations of all caddies and are not inclusive.

Definition of a Caddie:  Someone who helps a player during a round, including in these ways:

  • Carrying, Transporting or Handling Clubs: A person who carries, transports (such as by cart or trolley) or handles a player’s clubs during play is the player’s caddie even if not named as a caddie by the player, except when done to move the player’s clubs, bag or cart out of the way or as a courtesy (such as getting a club the player left behind).
  • Giving Advice: A player’s caddie is the only person (other than a partner or partner’s caddie) a player may ask for advice.

A caddie may also help the player in other ways allowed by the Rules (Rule 10.3b).

Purpose of Rule 10.3 – Caddies:

The player may have a caddie to carry the player’s clubs and give advice and other help during the round, but there are limits to what the caddie is allowed to do.  The player is responsible for the caddie’s actions during the round and will get a penalty if the caddie breaches the Rules.

  • The caddie is responsible for knowing the Rules.
  • Caddies must be familiar with Golf Manitoba’s standard policies and dress code; or if more restrictive, the host club dress code will apply.
  • The Committee can choose to modify Rule 10.3 – Caddie to:

– Prohibit the use of caddies,

– Limit a player’s choice of caddie (such as not allowing a caddie to be a professional, a parent or relative, another player in the competition, etc.).  See Model Local Rule 8H, H – 1.

Player Allowed Only One Caddie at a Time

Rule 10.3a (1)

  • The player must not have more than one caddie at any one time.
  • The player may change caddies during a round, BUT must not do so temporarily for the sole purpose of getting advice from the new caddie.
  • Any other person who walks or rides along with the player or who carries other things for the player (such as a rain suit, umbrella or food) is not the player’s caddie.

What a Caddie May Do – Actions Always Allowed

Rule 10.3b (1)

  • Carry, transport and handle the player’s clubs and other equipment.
  • Search for the player’s ball.
  • Give information, advice and other help before the stroke is made.
  • Smooth bunkers or take other actions to care for the course.
  • Remove sand and loose soil and repair damage on the putting green.
  • Remove or attend the flagstick.
  • Mark the spot of the player’s ball, lift & replace the ball on the putting green.
  • Clean the player’s ball.
  • Remove loose impediments and movable obstructions.

Actions Allowed Only With Player’s Authorization

Rule 10.3b (2)

  • Restore conditions that were worsened after the player’s ball came to rest.
  • Except on the putting green, lift the player’s ball under a Rule that requires it to be replaced or after the player has decided to take relief under a Rule. (The authorization must be given specifically each time rather than given generally for the round)
  • So long as it is reasonable to conclude that the player is taking relief under a Rule, the caddie is treated as being given authorization to lift the ball.

What a Caddie May Do – Actions NOT Allowed

Rule 10.3b (3)

  • Concede the next stroke, a hole or the match to the opponent or agree with the opponent on the match score.
  • Deliberately stand on or close to an extension of the line of play behind the player’s ball when the player begins taking a stance for the stroke and until the stroke is made or take other actions prohibited under Rule 10.2b.

Meaning of “Begins Taking a Stance for the Stroke” – the player begins to take the stance for the stroke that is actually made when they have at least one foot in position. If a player backs away, they have not taken a stance for the stroke that is actually made.  “Backs away” means that the player’s feet or body are no longer in a position where helpful guidance on aiming at the intended target line could be given.

  • Replace a ball, unless the caddie had lifted or moved the ball.
  • Drop or place a ball in a relief area.
  • Decide to take relief under a Rule. The caddie may advise a player to do so, but the player must decide.

Tips for Caddies

• Take care when carrying clubs to prevent them from rattling when near any golfer.

• Keep up your walking pace, do not lag behind.

• Clubs should be placed well away from any possible line of play and never be placed on the putting green or near the fringe.

• When your player is on the green determine the direction to the next tee and place the clubs close to that exit point.

• Always replace the player’s fairway divot.

• Keep sight of your player’s ball and spot where it lands.

• Observe your etiquette on the greens. Only repair old hole plugs and ball marks when directed by your player, do not walk on any player’s line of putt and make sure your shoes will not mark the green.

• Always be ready with the rake when your player is in a bunker. Always rake after the shot and never before.

• Do not substitute the player’s ball with another without the player’s consent.

• Do not touch or lift a player’s ball in play.

In order for Golf Manitoba competitors to enjoy their championship experience, we ask all caddies be respectful. Any caddie behavior that is a distraction or a disturbance to any player or official will result in the caddie being asked to leave the course by Golf Manitoba staff.