Member Clubs Receive Emergency Support Fund Boost

Golf Manitoba, on behalf of its member club community, recently applied for was was approved for sport community funding under the federal Emergency Support Fund for Sport. Golf Manitoba is pleased to announce that $28,500 has been distributed to member clubs to help support operational challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Qualifying operational expenses covered by the fund include the following:

  • Ongoing operational expenses (office rent, storage, insurance, accounting/legal, IT, communications, staffing that was not covered by any federal programs i.e. CEWS)
  • COVID-19 related supplies (cleaning & protective equipment, signage)
  • COVID-19 related staffing (increases due to return to play ratios, safety staff/volunteer monitors)
  • Equipment expenses related to return to play guidelines

Golf Manitoba wishes to extend its sincere thanks to Sport Manitoba for their assistance with the application.

For more information on the Golf Manitoba/Canada club membership program, please visit our membership page.


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